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Visions In Fantasy: Jessica, Keeper Of The Glade
Dark Sword Miniatures

Visions In Fantasy: Jessica, Keeper Of The Glade

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From the artists:

From time to time I like to honor the talented folks I have the privilege to collaborate with by immortalizing them (or their pets) in pewter and making them part of the Dark Sword line. I typically do this for anniversary pieces. But then I got thinking...there are so many talented folks and strong allies of Dark Sword out there that doing one a year will take a long time. So I have joined forces with famed Reaper concept artist TALIN and started getting these talented folks that I am a big admirer of drawn up for sculpting by the very talented Mr.

Jeff Grace. We sit down and determine what iconic character class they would like to be based on their personalities and move forward from there. Next up was Jessica Rich. Jessica and I have been working together for three very intense years now with her as the primary Dark Sword studio painter and I have nothing but total respect for her work ethic and of course her craft which she is continuously leveling up on and striving to keep pushing. Jessica is this mash-up of Marike Reimer and Jen Haley.

Jessica had this dark vision of herself as this woodland keeper of the glade so that is where we landed. It was determined that TALIN artwork matches up with Jeff's sculpting style very well so Jeff has done the first four pieces and will most likely do the bulk of this tribute range of premium miniatures.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Material: Metal

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