28mm Scale Role-Playing Game Miniature Tavern Table
The Dungeon Printer

28mm Scale Role-Playing Game Miniature Tavern Table

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The Dungeon Printer table, perfect for Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Wargaming and other miniature needs. Since they're printed in wood-infused PLA you can use them immediately with no painting necessary. If you plan on painting, wood-infused PLA takes paint remarkably well. Any broken pieces can usually be fixed with a small dab of superglue.

With your purchase of this listing, you get 1 table.

* Table: 20mm wide, 38mm long, 16mm high

All photos are examples of what your purchase might look like. Dungeon tiles and miniature figure not included - you are purchasing a table only.

Other individual items are available a la carte. 

Materials: PLA

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