28mm Scale Role-Playing Game Miniature Barrels
The Dungeon Printer

28mm Scale Role-Playing Game Miniature Barrels

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The Dungeon Printer miniature barrels, perfect for Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Wargaming and other miniature needs. Since they're printed in wood-infused PLA, you can use them immediately with no painting necessary.

With your purchase of this listing, you can choose from:
  • Empty barrels
  • Closed barrels
  • Water filled barrels
  • Assorted barrels: 3 empty, 3 closed, 3 water filled.

* Approximately 18mm tall, 16mm at it's widest point and 10mm at the base and top

All photos are examples of what your purchase might look like. Dungeon tiles and miniature figure not included - you are purchasing crates only. 

Materials: PLA

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